Photo Collage of Rene's Past Teddy Bear Puppies

Welcome to our “Past Teddy Bear Puppies” Page. We are blessed to receive updates and pictures of our “Teddy Bear Puppies” growing up. Our puppies/dogs are even cuter as they grow! Our Teddy Bear Puppies are so lovable and are loved and cherished by their amazing puppy parents. Many of the photos show color changes from puppy to adult. At first, you may have a white puppy with brown markings and by the time they transition to an adult, their brown coloring (markings) may lighten to tan, cream, or almost white. Without a doubt, our Boys are as adorable as our Girls and vice versa! We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!

Nora and Neli – Teddy Bear Puppies

Collage of Nora Neli Teddy Bear Puppies
Collage of Nora Neli Teddy Bear Puppies

Bodi – Teddy Bear Puppy

White and tan fluffy "Teddy Bear Puppy"

“Bodi is simply a bundle of joy. Of all the dogs we have adopted, he is by far the most sensitive, loving and “human”. His favorite activities are going on walks, playing soccer, fetching mini tennis balls, and swimming. Bodi loves eye contact, cuddling up, and talking with little growls and sounds when he wants a meal, a hug or to play. He rings a bell on the door to go outside and loves the blow dryer after a bath! We are beyond blessed since Bodi joined our family!” From: Roxanne, Bodi’s Mom

Photo collage of a cream and tan cute, fluffy, teddy bear puppy.  12 pictures total. Past Rene;s Teddy Bear Puppy
Bodi, Teddy Bear Puppy
Picture collage of cream "Teddy Bear Puppy"
Meet Bodi, Teddy Bear Puppy!

Armani, Teddy Bear Puppy

Profile picture of Armani, Teddy Bear Puppy

Armani is such a cutie! He was born with a white body, black markings, and black mask. As he grew, his black markings and mask turned into a beautiful light silver grey! Armani likes to do anything with his puppy parents and loves playing with dogs of all sizes. He has many toys and outfits. Armani loves getting dressed up and going out. He loves meeting new people, loves going shopping, loves hanging out in daycare with his buddies, and enjoys all the attention! We have so many pictures of him! Enjoy!

Armani, White, black Mask, Teddy Bear Puppy
Armani “Teddy Bear Puppy” Color changes
Picture Collage of Teddy Bear Puppy, shichon, shopping at Louis Vuitton
Armani, Teddy Bear Puppies, loves to shop at Louis Vuitton
Photo Collage of Armani, Rene's Teddy Bear Puppy. Traveling in his stroller
Armani, Teddy Bear Puppy, Loves going places in his stroller and car seats!
Photo Collage of Whire and grey "teddy bear puppy" wearing various outfits!
Armani loves getting dressed up! Favorite store – Louis Vuitton!
Collage of Armani, white and grey Teddy Bear puppy, with his friends
Armani Teddy Bear Puppy Friends Collage
Photo Collage of Armani, Teddy Bear Puppy, with various toys
Armani, Teddy Bear Puppy, Loves Toys!
Pic Collage of Armani, Teddy Beat Puppy, being held by his Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.  He is so loved
Armani, Teddy Beat Puppy with his mom, Grandma and Grandpa. He is so loved

Laverne and Shirley, Teddy Bear Siblings

Collage of 2 White Female Teddy Bear Puppies, wearing pink sweaters

Laverne and Shirley are such cute “Teddy Bear Puppy” littermates. Because they are littermates, they love each other so much and are totally inseparable! Laverne and Shirley are so loving and happy. They love to be cuddled and have their ears scratched. These Teddy Bear Puppy siblings love to wrestle and play with each other, like true siblings! Their favorite thing to do is sleep…. anywhere, anytime. Location does not matter. Whether it’s on Mom’s lap, on their special blankies (on the couch), or in their kennels. Laverne and Shirley are happiest when they are with Mom and Dad. It does not matter where they go or what they do, they just love to be with their puppy parents!!

Laverne and Shirley Teddy Bear Puppies

Molly and Teddy, Teddy Bear Puppies

Sqaure profile pictures of two cute Teddy Bear Puppies.  Both are white and one has red markings

Teddy was born with a white coat, red markings and a red mask. As an adult, his red markings lightened up just a bit but Teddy still has his beautiful red markings and a red mask. Molly was born with a white coat and brindle markings. As an adult, Molly is mostly white with beige ears. Molly is super sweet and cuddly. Teddy is funny, spunky and loving!

Photo collage of two half sibling, "Teddy Bear Puppies" One is female - mostly white and a male that is white with red markings and a red mask.  They are under 14 lbs, have alot of fur and look like stuffed animals.
Teddy and Molly, Teddy Bear Puppies

Teddy and Molly Gallery

Captain, Teddy Bear Puppy

Profile for Captain, Teddy Bear Puppy

Captain is so gentle and compassionate!

From his mom:

“Captain is a doll! I fell on 6/23/22. I broke my left leg, ankle and right foot. I was in bad shape. Cap never left my side. Literally watched me all day. If I got up, he was next to me. Waited outside of the bathroom for me- or just came in 😂. He also knew to stay off my legs too. For 2 weeks I was in a wheelchair, and he often sat in my lap when I moved around.” Samantha, Captain’s Mom

Photo Collage of white and cream "Teddy Bear Puppy", named Captain
Captain, Teddy Bear Puppy

Lily, Teddy Bear Puppy

“Lily loves to sit on my lap, chew on our lab Ody, play catch FOREVER, and swim in the pool with me. But mostly she LOVES to chase leaves. If I’m upset, she knows it and has to be by me. She does not like that at all! She can’t wait to get in bed with me. She is truly MY BEST FRIEND❤️”

From Lily’s Mom, Sarah

Collage of Lily, an adorable white with black mask and markings past "Teddy Bear Puppy" from "Rene's Wonderful world of Teddy Bear Puppies.
Lily was born with white coat, black mask and black markings and she retained most of her color as she grew into an adult. Super cute!

Guido, Teddy Bear Puppy

“Rene’ we just want to thank you again for bringing sweet Guido into our lives. He is such an awesome lil guy!! He brings so much love and laughter to our home!! ”

From Guido’s Mom, Marge

Guido, Teddy Bear Puppy, Puppy Pictures

Mrs. Maisel and Higgins, Teddy Bear Siblings

Red white Teddy Bear Puppy shichon collage
Mrs. Maisel and Higgins, Teddy Bear Sister and Brother

Maddy, Teddy Bear Puppy (Ozkar’s big sister)

Picture Collage of 2 White and grey Teddy Bear Puppies.  5 Pictures Total

Ozkar, Teddy Bear Puppy (Maddy’s younger brother)

Photo collage of white and brown "Teddy Bear Puppy"
Ozkar Teddy Bear Puppy

Frankie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Profile Picture of White small Teddy Bear Puppy

“Frankie loves snuggles. He loves playing with kids. He plays hide and seek with my daughter’s Sheepadoodle. He loves going on the boat and swimming in the lake (with a life jacket, of course). His best friend is our cat dog, Yoshi. It’s funny that they seem to have the same coloring. When Frankie was a puppy, we had to be on alert for pacifiers so we would find them before he could destroy them. He was the “paci- thief”. From Deborah, Frankie’s Mom

Collage of male, under 12-pound white teddy bear puppy.  6 pictures total
Frankie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Baylee, Teddy Bear Puppy

Baylee, Teddy Bear Puppy

Charlie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Picture Collage of cute white and red_Teddy Bear Puppy Teddy Bear Puppy, shichon, shopping at Louis Vuitton
Charlie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Bella, Teddy Bear Puppy

Leo, Teddy Bear Puppy

2 Photos of a White and Brown "Teddy Bear Puppy"

“Leo was a very handsome puppy with darker reddish and white fur. As he got older, his darker reddish fur turned to a deeper tan and golden which is fitting because he brightens our day every day. Our Leo is the smartest, most sociable, and fun loving. Leo loves to cuddle, and he cuddles like no other. We have other dogs we love, but Leo is more well-rounded. He loves all dogs and people. He loves to play fetch which sometimes turns into football as he gets me running sound with him. He loves his greenies too. He has brought pure Joy to our lives.” From Hope, Leo’s Puppy Parent

Ruger, Teddy Bear Puppy

“Ruger is the love of my life! He is sooooooo smart and very social. After the 3rd day of taking Ruger home, he was pretty much potty trained!

Ruger likes walks in snow, visits to Papas and Nanas, his toy pig and chicken, treats, and rides with his Dad. “
From Renae, Ruger’s Mom

Collage of White Parti Teddy Bear Puppy

Darby, Teddy Bear Puppy

Picture of a White Teddy Bear Puppy, Darby, with cute brown markings and a brown face!  The Picture also has writing from his puppy parent which talks about how much she loves him and his cute character.
Darby, Teddy Bear Puppy

Lucky, Teddy Bear Puppy

Cute Teddy Bear Puppy with red mask - pic collage
Lucky – Past Teddy Bear Puppy

Jake, Teddy Bear Puppy

Cute Brown and white Teddy Bear puppy in living room.  Has a gold frame around the picture.
Picture Collage of Teddy Bear Puppy, shichon,
Jake, Teddy Bear Puppy

Gracie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Profile and testimonial of Gracie, Teddy Bear Puppy (White)
Gracie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Pictures of Rene’s Wonderful World of Teddy Bear Puppies before going to their new homes! Cuteness Overload!

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