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About Us

Learn about the History of the Fuller Family and how we perfected the Teddy Bear Puppy!

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Past Puppy Pictures!

Cuteness overload! Pictures show our puppies in our home and with their forever families!

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Common Questions

Vast array of questions - from size, socialization, pet parks, grooming, health guarantee and more!

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View how in love so many Rene's Wonderful World puppy parents are with their puppies!

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Easter Puppies Are Available!

Welcome to Rene’s Wonderful World of Teddy Bear Puppies / Dogs, the only place in the world where you can purchase the Authentic Original ATBA Teddy Bear Puppy! We have a very small breeding program, located in our personal Wisconsin home property! Since 1985, our passion is to create and raise the cutest, intelligent, loving and loyal puppy that would fit in every lifestyle.
Our Tiny Teddy Bear Puppies are family raised in our home and socialized with various humans, pets, sounds, places and more from day 1. Our puppies are very loving and are excellent with children, people with disabilities and with elderly puppy parents! Our puppies are up to date on all shots and deworming. With over 35 years experience, We offer a Health Guarantee for 1 full year against Congenital Defects. Our Teddy Bear Puppies are non-shedding and very low in dander, so they get along great with people who have allergies. With Spring in the air, now is the perfect time to get a puppy.

Our Authentic Original ATBA Teddy Bear Puppies receive the best of Veterinary care from the Doctors and wonderful staff at We Care Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian was so impressed with our Teddy Bear Puppies that he purchased one for his own family.

Photo Collage of Rene's Teddy Bear Puppies

Want to see the cutest pictures of our past Teddy Bears?

About Us

Wisconsin, Where the Teddy Bear Magic Happens!

In 1985, Rene’ Fuller created the original Teddy Bear Puppy. Our goal was to breed the perfect dog that can be taken anywhere, has a great disposition and temperament, does not shed, and is so fluffy and cute they look like a little stuffed Teddy Bear!  When they grow into adults, they still look like puppies! 

We live on a beautiful 4-acre property in North Central Wisconsin. Our Puppies are raised in our home with our other pets, a cat, a King Charles Spaniel, a Teddy Bear, and a Standard Poodle. Our various house pets help familiarize our Teddy Bear Puppies with other dogs and animals. My Granddaughter plays with the puppies, so they are used to being around children. We spend a great deal of time with our babies. Rene’ delivers each baby when they are born. We raise our puppies in our home, and they are familiar with everything that goes on in a family home right from the start. Our Teddy Bear Puppies are used to all household noises like the vacuum cleaner and dishwasher sounds and are introduced to different indoor and outdoor surfaces, and textures. We use basic neural stimulation techniques to ensure each puppy is ready for life in their new home! We raise our Teddy Bear Puppies with loads of love, and it shows.

Mina, Teddy Bear Puppy

Rene’ was a professional groomer for over 30 years and ensures all puppies are used to bathes, haircuts, the blow dryer, nail trimming and brushing. Your groomers will love that your puppy is used to grooming. Grooming can be very stressful for puppies who have never been groomed before and we create a safe, calm environment where our puppies learn to love being groomed.

All About Our Teddy Bear Puppies!

After years of work with beautiful, strong healthy dogs, we feel we have perfected the “Teddy Bear Puppy”. One look at our dogs and you will know how they got their name! Although each puppy has a different personality, all our Teddy Bears are 10-15 lbs, hilarious, fluffy, incredibly smart and easy to train. They love to play, goof around, watch TV, and they really love their humans! Check out our Past Puppy Teddy Bear Pictures and our Rene’s Wonderful World Of Teddy Bear Puppies YouTube channel to see them play, cuddle and run around!

  • Our Teddy Bear Puppies are certified by the American Teddy Bear Association. Teddy Bear puppies have either a first-generation (F1) full bred Shih-tzu mother bred with a first-generation full bred Bichon Frise father or an F1 Bichon mother(female) bred with an F1 Shih-tzu father (male).
    Teddy Bear Puppies do not shed, hardly bark, love everyone in the family and are very loyal family members. They are very intelligent and mild-mannered dogs.
  • Our Teddy Bear Puppies are great for many different lifestyles. They fit in whether their owner lived in an apartment, condo, small or large home. They truly conform to your lifestyle.
  • Our puppies are easy to train and are familiar with going outside in our Wisconsin winter.
  • Our Teddy Bears are very social and love to meet new people and animals.

Learn more about are Teddy Bear Story on our About Us Page. Learn more about how we care for the puppies (Shots, deworming, grooming) as well as what to feed them, how much exercise is needed and much more by clicking the FAQ “Learn More” button below!

Teddy Bear FAQ

Our Most Common Questions/ FAQ has a plethora of Teddy Bear related questions and answers!

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