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Rene’s Teddy Bear Puppy FAQ will help answer the most common questions asked and help our Puppy Parents and Teddy Bear Puppies have an easier transition to their new homes. If you have other questions or are ready to start the application process, please contact us.

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Rene’s Wonderful World of the “Teddy Bear Puppy” is and will always be the only place where you can buy a “True Authentic Original Teddy Bear Puppy” in the entire world. We have been breeding Teddy Bear Puppies since 1985. In 2002 we created the American Teddy Bear Association (ATBA). Our Program is based on honesty, integrity, and breeding excellence.

Common General Questions about our Teddy Bear Puppies

What are “ATBA Teddy Bear Puppies”?

ATBA Teddy Bear Puppies are certified, trademarked American Teddy Bear Association puppies. A Teddy Bear Puppy or Teddy Bear Dog is not a combination of several different breeds. They are a first-generation hybrid of top-quality Purebred dogs.

Which breeds are a hybrid Teddy Bear Puppy?

Our Teddy Bear Puppies are created from a Purebred Bichon Frise bred to a Purebred Shih-Tzu. The Teddy Bear Puppy is a first-generation (F-1) hybrid.

Since our first litter in 1985, we are very selective for good temperament, health, hair density and physical confirmation. One look at our Teddy Bear Puppies and you will understand how they got their name!

What are the “Teddy Bear Puppy” temperaments and personalities like?

Our Teddy Bears are very social, loving, and balanced in temperament. They love to meet new people and animals. Our “Teddy Bear Puppies” love everyone in the family and are very loyal family members (Similar to the disposition of the Golden Retriever). They are very intelligent, easy-going, and mild-mannered dogs.

Photo Collage of Teddy Bear Puppies socializing with other dogs and people of all ages.

Our Teddy Bear dogs are very versatile and get along great with humans of all ages! They also get along well with other animals, big and small. Our Teddy Bear Puppies are great for many different lifestyles.  They fit in whether their owner lived in an apartment, condo, or small or large home.  They truly conform to your lifestyle.

Are Rene’s Wonderful World of “Teddy Bear Puppies” socialized?

Definitely! Our puppies have very easy transitions into their new homes. We socialize them with people of all ages and with our house animals, big and small!

We spend a great deal of time with our babies. I deliver each baby when they are born. Because we birth and raise our puppies in our home, they are used to everything that goes on in a family home right from the start.

In our home, we have a kitty, a Standard Poodle, and a King Charles Caviler Spaniel who all help familiarize our puppies with other dogs and animals. My Granddaughter plays with the puppies, so they are used to being around children. They love to cuddle and watch TV!

Are the “Teddy Bear Puppies” used to everyday household noises?

Our “Teddy Bear Puppies” are used to all of the household noises like the vacuum cleaner and dishwasher sounds. We spend a great deal of time with our babies. I deliver each baby when they are born. Because we birth and raise our puppies in our home, they are used to everything that goes on in a family home right from the start.

Are your “Teddy Bear Puppies” used to being groomed?

Our “Teddy Bear Puppies” are kept very clean and brushed daily. We regularly give them bathes, condition their hair and blow dry their hair! Because we make grooming a great experience for them and do it constantly, our puppies do great when their puppy parents take them to the groomers!

Our Teddy Bear Puppies are raised with loads of love, and it shows!!!

Common Questions Continued

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?
Yes. We offer a Health Guarantee for 1 full year against Congenital Defects. Our puppies have their shots (Neopar and Duramune) up to date and are properly wormed to date.

We Care Animal Hospital Vert, teddybearpuppy.com

Because our puppies are very healthy, our veterinarian was impressed and purchased a Teddy Bear Puppy for his own family!

How much exercise does a “Teddy Bear Puppy/Dog” require?
Our Teddy Bear Puppies don’t require long walks for exercise but could handle the distance if their puppy parents are avid walkers. Our puppies are easy to train and are familiar with going outside in our Wisconsin winter.

Do “Teddy Bear Puppies” bark?
Our Teddy Bears are generally not barkers, but they will usually let you know when someone is at the door. They greet everyone with a friendly disposition and a happy, wagging tail.

How do we apply for a Teddy Bear Puppy?

Please call us at 1-715-787-4293. We like to speak directly to our future puppy parents to make sure we understand the type of puppy you are looking for and to ensure we have great fits for our Teddy Bear Puppies.

Bringing Puppy Home – We ask that you please bring a laundry basket, old towels, trash bag, and a piddle pad when you come to pick them up

What’s the best way to give our Teddy Bear Puppy the most comfort when transporting them home?

Driving: Our puppies are comfortable and do great on a person’s lap either laying directly on a towel or in a laundry basket. Instructions: Place an old towel in the laundry basket, then place your puppy in the laundry basket. However, please ensure the puppy has good visibility. We do not recommend a crate for your Teddy Bear Puppy’s first ride home. Your Teddy Bear Puppy may get car sick in the crate in the car.

Potty time: Your Teddy Bear Puppy will squiggle when it needs to potty as you transport them. We recommend you remove the towel from the bottom of the laundry basket (if puppy is riding in it), replace it with the piddle pad and let them potty. Then dispose the pad in the trash bag. Please no rest stops for your Teddy Bear Puppy. They may pick up viruses or germs from other dogs.

What do we do so our Teddy Bear Puppy has the most comfort once she is home with us?

We will give you a blanket and a teddy that smells like your puppy’s mom and siblings. We recommend that you, your partner or family members lay on a sheet so that the sheet is covered with your scent. Then put the sheet over the crate and have her sleep in the crate at night so she can’t see out of the crate.

In the crate put a hot water bottle (with a towel securely wrapped around it). You can also purchase a snuggle puppy which has a heartbeat and heating pad. Place an old towel placed at the bottom just in case they have an accident and to make the crate soft. Purchase a pet taxi (plastic) for night and pet crate (metal) for daytime.

Daily Care -Teddy Bear FAQ

  • How many times a day do you feed a Teddy Bear Puppy? We will provide feeding instructions to you when you come to pick up your Teddy Bear Puppy. To prep for your Teddy Bear puppy’s arrival please buy cottage cheese and purchase Chicken Soup for the Soul for puppies (dry). Note: they have to potty after 15-30 mins after eating. Their digestive track is quite short and when something goes in something needs to go out.
  • How long do I need to feed my Teddy Bear Puppy, puppy food? We feed our Teddy Bear Puppies Chicken Soup for the Soul Puppy Food for the first year and then Chicken Soup for the Soul Small Bites for adult dogs.
  • How many times a day do I walk My Teddy Bear Puppy? Your home is most likely enough exercise when your Teddy Bear Puppy is small, and you can take her for walks but make sure the pavement isn’t too hot. As she grows up your Teddy Bear Puppy will need low exercise still which is another reason Teddy Bear puppies are so great for all ages and seniors.
  • When will my puppy lose its teeth? Your Teddy Bear Puppy will lose its teeth at around 6 months of age. (Teddy Bear Puppies love to eat raw baby carrots!)


  • What’s the best comb for my Teddy Bear Puppy? Best comb for a Teddy Bear Puppy is a metal comb with fine teeth and then graduate to teeth further apart and a slicker brush.
  • How often do I brush my Teddy Bear Puppy’s hair? We recommend brushing you Teddy Bear Puppy’s hair daily to avoid knots and tangles. Get a grooming table or use a washer or dryer covered with a towel and put your Teddy Bear Puppy on it. Don’t do this while your Teddy Bear puppy is on your lap. You want your Teddy Bear Dog to have a sturdy place to stand where you can set a routine for grooming. Your Teddy Bear Puppy will associate your lap with hang out and fun time!
  • How often do I take My Teddy Bear Puppy to the groomer? It depends on how long you want the hair to be on your Teddy Bear Puppy but on average every 6-8 weeks. The groomer will clean anal glands, clip toenails, and ear hair. Teddy Bear Puppies can get bathed every 2 weeks, between haircuts. Always use conditioner, and blow dry their hair to ensure their skin stays in perfect condition. 
  • How often do I brush My Teddy Bear Puppy’s teeth? We recommend you brush your Puppy’s teeth at least 3 times a week.
  • What device or utensil is best for brushing My Teddy Bear Puppy’s teeth? We recommend a puppy finger toothbrush starting when your Teddy Bear Puppy is still a puppy. Transition to a smaller dog toothbrush when older.
  • How often do I get My Teddy Bear Puppy’s nails clipped? Walking on the sidewalk kind of files their nails and the groomer will also trim your Teddy Bear Puppy’s nails in the grooming session.


  • What is the average size of an adult Teddy Bear Puppy? The average adult weight of the Teddy Bear Dog is between 10 and 15 lbs when fully grown. The average height is between 9 and 12 inches at the shoulder. They are longer than they are tall. They are built chubby and stocky just like a live Teddy Bear!!!
  • What are common viruses and or diseases that my Teddy Bear Puppy needs to be protected against? What are the warning signs or symptoms that people should look out for? If your dog is throwing up more than once, has diarrhea, is lethargic, drooling, then take her to the vet immediately! While your dog is at Rene’s Wonderful World of Teddy Bear Puppies, they will get two shots. Neopar (protection from parvovirus) and Duramune Max 5 (to help immunize against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus). When you take your Teddy Bear Puppy to its first vet check, bring a stool sample to be checked by the vet. We will give you paperwork to give to your vet concerning the shots and worming your Teddy Bear Puppy has already received so that they can continue accordingly.
  • Life Expectancy? The average life expectancy of a Teddy Bear Dog is at least 15 years, although some of the people who have purchased puppies from me have had their Teddy Bears live to be 19 years of age!!!

Socialization and Training

  • How old does My Teddy Bear Puppy need to be before I can socialize her with other dogs at a dog park or other dogs? We don’t really recommend the dog parks. We do recommend you take your Teddy Bear Puppy to puppy classes and obedience classes. The class will teach you how to train your Teddy Bear Puppy / Dog too so its beneficial for you both!
  • Is there any breed of dogs you recommend I don’t socialize her with due to her size? Size doesn’t matter. It’s really about the temperament of the dog you are socializing your Teddy Bear Puppy with! We begin working on socialization with our Teddy Bear Puppies at an early age. Their best friend is our Silver Standard Poodle Beau!!
  • What books or resources to recommend for potty training for your Teddy Bear Puppy / Dog
    • Puppies for Dummies.
    • I would also suggest planning an 8 ft square area in the yard to take your Teddy Bear Puppy for potty training. In the beginning carry them to the area, put them down then let them walk around. Each time they go potty, say “good girl / boy (puppy’s name) you went potty outside!”
    • Bell training is also a good way to promote potty training with you Teddy Bear Puppy! Get some jingle bells and ribbon at the craft store. Tie the bells on the ribbon and hang them at paw height using a command hook on the door frame. Have your Teddy Bear Puppy ring it when they need to go outside. Put your Teddy Bear Puppy’s paw on the bell and train them to ring it every time you take them out to go to the bathroom. Read about bell training online.

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