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Gracie, Teddy Bear Puppy

Gracie is an amazing dog! She is happy go lucky and playful. She loves all her toys, but especially enjoys balls. Her game of choice is keep-away. She loves being chased in circles around the kitchen. Gracie loves going for long walks as long as I don’t mind stopping every 15 feet to sniff things. She has the uncanny ability to sit straight up on her bottom like a doorstop, often enjoying watching t.v. for extended periods of time, especially dog shows. She also does an adorable two paw beg in that position that is hard to resist. While she is active and playful, she is equally content to sit on my lap or to lay in my arms like a baby, which melts my heart. She is loving and dedicated, naturally well-behaved, and has the sweetest temperament of any dog I’ve ever known. Gracie is my dog and I am her person.

From Barb, Gracie’s Mom

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Photo Collage of Rene's Teddy Bear Puppies

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