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Pros and cons of getting 2 Teddy Bear puppies/littermates.
Our Teddy Bear Puppies love their Teddy Bear siblings, whether littermates or brought into the family at a later time. These dogs form deep attachments to their owner and to their entire “pack”. There are hardly any cases of littermate syndrome unless there is absolutely no structure in the home.

Pros: 1) They will have an easier transition to their home since they have each other. 2) They will have another species that communicates and plays the exact way they do. 3) They will both be more comfortable being alone for a few hours without their humans. 4) Having 2 is so much fun. You get to experience two different personalities and watching them play together is hilarious!
Cons: 1) The cost of raising and owning a puppy is double (beds, food, grooming, crates, vet bills etc. 2) You will have to train 2 puppies at the same time. Luckily our puppies are very easy to train but it is still twice the work. We have over a dozen families that have purchased littermates or additional siblings and all I hear and see are happy owners! Check out our photos to see puppy siblings with their families!