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This morning while I was searching for Teddy Bear Puppies on the Internet I was amazed by the statements written throughout the searches about the Teddy Bear Puppies. When I named and created the Teddy Bear Puppy over 30 years ago it was my intention to develop the perfect pet for everyone.
People who have met my puppies and people who own them have stated that I have met my goal!
Authors have now written books and many of the so called experts are all giving the public a mass amount of information about just what a Teddy Bear Puppy actually is. Unfortunately, some of that information is false. I would like everyone to have the opportunity to have the correct information so that they can make a well informed decision about bringing a Teddy Bear Puppy into their family. Hopefully, as they have in the past; the other sites will be updating the correct information once they are informed.
We have a very strict criteria that must be met by the dogs in our breeding program. They must be Top quality purebred registered dogs that are excellent examples of their breed in disposition, confirmation and health.
An Authentic Teddy Bear Puppy is not considered a mixed breed dog. They are an F-1 Hybrid.
Some people state that the Teddy Bear Puppy will eventually be recognized by AKC. That, is a false statement. AKC only recognizes purebred dogs. AKC regulations for consideration state that to even be considered for the registry, the breed must have been bred for at least 10 generations. Since Teddy Bear Puppies are a first generation Hybrid, thus AKC recognition is not even a possibility.
I believe in “Hybrid Vigor” If you choose Top Quality Dogs of each breed you get offspring that are of the best possible quality. That is my reasoning for keeping the Teddy Bear Puppy an F-1 Hybrid. If Teddy Bear Puppies were bred down, the qualities in which we worked so hard to develop would be diminished. I take great pride in keeping the high standards I have set for The Teddy Bear Puppies I raise.
Many of my Teddy Bear Puppies aid children and people with disabilities to have happier and healthier lives. Seeing the smiles on the faces of my New Teddy Bear Puppy Owners as they leave my home I know that I have done everything possible to prepare my little Teddy Bears to begin their new life as companions and family members in their new homes.