Here’s How Proud Owners of our Teddy Bear Puppies feel about their experiences with having a Teddy Bear Puppy from Rene’s Wonderful Word of Teddy Bear Puppies.

Dear Rene’,
Thank you, once again, for our adorable and much loved Teddy Bear puppy, Chablis.
Thank you also for your total openness and complete honesty from our very first phone call. This continues to this day even when I call with a question of any nature. You are a wealth of knowledge!
When we took Chablis in for her first visit to our vet, he was so impressed with her quality and her health. He commented several times as to what an overall healthy puppy she is.
When I shared with you in our first phone visit, the fear and anxiety that I had purchasing out of town, sight unseen, because of a tragic experience we had with a breeder, (a puppy that we had less than a year due to defects and health issues), you relieved my mind and it wasn’t “all talk and salesmanship”. It was and is total truth.
When Chablis arrived, with her baby blanket you provided, she was exactly as you promised AND even more! Your professionalism, your knowledge, your quality of puppies, just everything combined to make for a good puppy bonding is second to none, Rene’.
I wish that you would share my name and number to ANY prospective puppy purchaser for a reference and recommendation. I can’t say enough on your behalf.
Marsha and Bud Howlett (and Chablis too!) California

Dear Rene’,
We are so overjoyed and feel totally blessed to have purchased our precious little TeddyBear from you. It’s been two weeks since we picked “Wrigley” up. His presence in our lives has changed our family dynamics TOTALLY. We love our little fluffy bundle more than you can imagine, and he gives great love in return.
As you know, I did extensive research for over a year to find the “perfect” family pet. When I finally decided on the TeddyBear hybrid, it was because of the mix, temperament, adult size, physical strengths, and recommendations from those who already own these dogs. I did call your clients also and they did nothing but rave about you Rene’ and their fantastic dogs! My next step was to research top breeders in the US. Needless to say, there are many breeders of the Shichon/Zuchon/Bichtzu/TeddyBear mix. I immediately “weeded out” those who bred other types of dogs besides the TeddyBears; I feel concentration on just one mix makes for a much healthier line of dogs.
Secondly, I contacted many breeders who could not assure me their breeder dogs were purebreds, i.e., purebred Shitzu (mom/dad) and purebred Bichon Frise (mom/dad), or exactly how many times they were bred in a year. Happily, you shared that you only breed your bitches once a year, and that both parents are purebreds. After visiting you, seeing these beautiful healthy dogs and watching their behavior, I was sold hook, line, and sinker. Your personal interaction with each puppy made me realize how devoted you are to your TeddyBears, how much you enjoy raising them and, thus, the reason for their happy, outgoing, and loving nature. I’ve seen many photos of “so-called” TeddyBears, and they look nothing like my Wrigley. He is everything you promised. He has beautiful perfect coloring, outgoing personality with EVERYBODY, not a barker/yapper, shockingly intelligent and learns very quickly, and doesn’t shed AT ALL (meaning I’ve never pulled out one hair yet by brushing which I do twice daily). My father is extremely allergic to dog hair/dander, and he can actually hold Wrigley up to his face with absolutely no reaction which is amazing. What I love most though is that he actually senses people’s “feelings”. Twice since we’ve had him, I have cried and he just wimpers to be close to me and won’t leave until he must think I’m okay. During this time, he’ll paw and lick my face as if to assure me everything will be fine. In some ways, he’s more human than dog!
Our first visit to the vet confirmed what a beautiful, happy and healthy puppy we had. His tail wagged the entire duration of our visit. The vet wrote that he was in great shape and it quickly passed through the office how cute Wrigley was so staff members just had to “drop in” to see him! I have to agree – he’s gorgeous!
Rene’ our thanks to you for giving us the best gift of our lives, our precious little Wrigley. We are extremely happy with him, and especially you for always being available to us! Some put all their stock in having to own a purebred, which is fine, but they should definitely consider one of your TeddyBears if they want what I call the “perfect pet”! God bless you Rene’. I’m available for referral anytime to anyone!
Sherry Kralovetz-Puce Green Bay, Wisconsin

Rene Fuller we are so happy with Izzy! She makes us laugh everyday. She is so sweet and naughty…lol also sooooo spoiled…..thank you!

Jeanna Rae Jenks Lafollette, Wisconsin

So adorable. I would love them all, but Max is my only fur baby (from you) and doesn’t share his toys at all. He is a joy and anyone adopting these guys will be very lucky.

Sandy Brewer Gammage, Illinois

OMG, they are so cute! Makes me want another one. My husband says we would never get another one that is as perfect as Callie. She has never chewed on anything or touched anything that is not her toys

Kathy Marx, Wisconsin

Rene, I thank you every day for our beautiful little Lilly! She is absolutely the perfect little girl and will be two in May. I wasn’t sure we would make it through year one but she is now the most lovable and sweet baby ever. We can’t go anywhere without people stopping to ask about her.

Tammy Zaiko, New York

These are the best dogs ever. I had bought a dog 15 years ago and one 2 years ago. We just love them, I wouldn’t get one from anyone else.

Lori Bichler, Wisconsin

LaVerne and Shirley are now a little over a year old….buying These sweet babies from Rene was truly the best decision we ever made! They put a Smile on my face every day, just from cuddles and loves. They are true celebrities at doggie day care, people are just amazed at how lovable and friendly they are.

Gail Timm, Michigan

I wish I could get another Teddy Bear! But Sandi is an only child! What I love so much is that Rene is still ever present after the sale like real family. The ATBA Teddy Bear group is my extended family connection! I purchased my own little Teddy Bear in 2015! I love my Sandi so much! I truly can not say enough good things about Rene Fuller’s Teddy Bears

Maryann Gudermuth, Missouri

Renee if I ever got another one it would be from you my love is wonderful already trained on her PP pad when I Got. Her now when the weather is they had she goes she goes on her PP pad otherwise we walk or she goes in the yard she’s the best

Maryann Scarpelli, Chicago, Illinois

I am so thankful for this lil bundle of love and joy 💗💗💗🐾🐾🐾
Bitty is so loved. spoiled and cherished 💗💗💗💗

Kristina Wetter, Wisconsin

I have now had 2 puppies from Rene. Daisy (2006) & Luna (2017). Both have been the most precious & loving dogs I have ever owned. My Luna is currently lying at my feet looking up at me adoringly as I work here at my computer. She is a constant joy & such a great companion. Each time the purchase & shipping process has been easy & very professionally handled. Rene takes great care in checking that her puppies are going to a good home & follows up that things are going well in the early stages. She is also open to hearing from you at any time & readily answers any questions or concerns that you may have. I highly recommend Rene’s Teddy Bear Puppies & would not hesitate to have another pup from her at any time in the future.  Colleen Hallam Carson City, NV:

My little Lilly will be two years old in May and she has become the sweetest little girl we’ve ever had! We had always had full ShiTzus in the past and they were wonderful but Lilly takes the prize. She keeps us laughing all the time and yet she is ready to cuddle any time we are. I was very nervous about changing breeds but couldn’t be happier. I’ll be getting another pup from Rene very soon. Tammy Zaiko, New York

We got our Vinny about 3 1/2 years ago. Renee truly cares for every puppy that she sells to a family. She made sure that we had everything essential for Vinny’s needs and took our phone calls after Vinny was home with us. When we get another puppy we would absolutely go back to Renee. Barb Bruce, Wisconsin

My Atlas will be 10 years in May. He is everything we could have asked for and more. 10 years later I could call Rene and she will always be there to help me. I highly recommend her and her babies! Kathy Clark Hughes, Virginia