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Jason -President of the ATBA dog breeders club
Jason R. Fuller, President and owner of "The American Teddy Bear Association".

Official Home Of The
"Teddy Bear Puppy".

When I first started the American Teddy Bear Association (ATBA) a lot of dog breeders were calling any mixed dog they had a "Teddy Bear Puppy" and were making big bucks selling them.  I had one person who mixed a Poodle with a Yorkie (not even close to a "Teddy Bear Puppy") and sold it as a "Teddy Bear Puppy" to a lady.  The Yorkiepoo would sell for about $250.  And now using the "Teddy Bear Puppy" name the same dog goes for $950 to $1,250 a dog.  The buyers must be aware that they are buying a $250 dog and paying $1,000 because many dog breeders are fraudulently saying these are a true "Teddy Bear Puppy".  When in fact they are not registered with the American Teddy Bear Association, nor are they even related to a true "Teddy Bear Puppy".

Because of the massive popularity in America, thousands of people are being duped into believing they have purchased a real authentic "Teddy Bear Puppy" from the ATBA.

Some of the mixed breeds that are being represented as a "Teddy Bear Puppy" are too numerous to mention. Needless to say, these sales have corrupted the "Teddy Bear Puppy" name and the breed itself.

Numerous breeders are misrepresenting and defiling America's fastest growing designer breed of dogs, the "Teddy Bear Puppy".  We will carry on business as usual, as the only genuine sellers of the "Teddy Bear Puppy" in America.  The ATBA is the only service registration authority for "Teddy Bear Puppy" and dogs.
If you or a friend have purchased a "Teddy Bear Puppy" that is not certified or recognized by the American Teddy Bear Association chances are you have been defrauded and should seek legal advice immediately or contact ATBA directly.
We have Genuine Teddy Bear puppies and dogs for you

For more information please contact:

Jason Fuller (owner) or Renee Fuller (sales)
(715) 787-4293

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