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Once upon a time in a small village in north central Wisconsin, a Teddy Bear came to earth to dwell as a man's best friend.
The birth of the "Teddy Bear Puppy" didn't happen quite that way. It took years of breeding for disposition, intelligence, coat density, and color. We wanted a small dog who looked like a puppy even as an adult.
A small dog who unlike other small dogs wanted to please his master (most small dogs want to please themselves.)

We wanted a little dog who would love everyone in the family and be a very loyal family member. (Like the Golden Retriever.)
We wanted a very intelligent but mild mannered dog who didn't need to go on long walks for exercise but could handle the distance if their master was a walker.
We wanted our dog to be easy to train and not have difficulty going outside in our Wisconsin winter.
There are so many people who suffer from allergies, so we wanted our dog to be low in dander.
We are meticulous in our homes and don't want a dog that sheds. The "Teddy Bear Puppy" have hair and not fur. A trip to the groomer every 8-10 weeks keeps them looking their best at all times. (I'd much rather have a dog that needs a haircut rather than one who leaves hair all over my house and clothes.)
We needed our dogs to be very versatile to get along great with elderly as well as young children. They also needed to get along well with other animals.
In the world today, people have so many different lifestyles so we wanted our dogs to work in every situation. We needed them to fit in whether their owner lived in an apartment, condo, small or large home. They definitely could not be chronic barkers! They will usually let you know when someone is at the door, but once they know the person is a welcome visitor, they immediately want to make friends.

After years of work with beautiful, strong healthy dogs, we feel we have the perfected the "Teddy Bear Puppy".
One look at our dogs and you won't even question how they got their name.

So tonight, all over America, as little old ladies and kids cuddle up to their "Teddy Bear Puppy" with love and pride because they feel blessed to have a puppy with such a great history.

For more information please contact:

Jason Fuller (owner) or Renee Fuller (sales)
(715) 787-4293

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